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Everything from a Michelin star to food trucks.


There is a bar or club for every taste.

Activities and entertainment

Plan your stay and check out our best tips for activities in the capital region.


Book activities led by locals! The Doerz are people who want to share their favourite places and hobbies with travellers and provide local experiences. Choose between workshops to long treks, berry picking or cooking.

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An open-air museum where the traditional Finnish way of life is displayed in the cottages, farmsteads and manors of the past four centuries that have been relocated from all around Finland. The speciality of the island is a nudist beach, but you can also find a regular beach.

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Seikkailupuisto Korkee

Get high! Korkee is a adventure park for adults and children. You can choose between several routes, highest ones are 12 meters above the ground in the treetops.

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A sauna with world-renowned architecture and ecological values. Try a traditional smoke sauna or a wood burning one, cool down swimming and get refreshed with a drink. After the sauna you can have a dinner and stay for an all-night party.

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Uunisaari offers entertainment for various occasions. You can sunbath on the beach, enjoy the heat of the sauna or eat in the local restaurant.

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A UNESCO’s World Heritage listed sea fortress established in the early 1700s just a 15 min boat ride away from the Market Square. Bring a picnic and spend a day on this historical island. There are beaches, cafes, restaurants, museums and much more.

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Finland’s oldest amusement park, founded in 1950. Try the original wooden roller coaster!

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Everything from a Michelin star to food trucks.


Newly opened exclusive fine dining above the rooftops.

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The Cock

A good steak, seasonal veggies and fresh oysters – only one block away!

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Skiffer Liuskaluoto

How would a pizza with strawberries on it, or a roach pizza taste like. Let’s find out! Get on the ferry and it give you a two minute trip to the island. Alternatively you can book a RIB-boat trip by contacting the crew.

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A local hangout with affordable food with an Italian twist.

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A unique combination of all the best parts of the Finnish summer. Sauna, pools, gym, terrace with a view and some great drinks. Remember to check out the gigs too!

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Get a taste of the locally produced truly Finnish flavours, just like a local.

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Via Tribunali

Genuine Neapolitan pizzas made in a 450 degree oven, the only one in Finland! Located right next to the Market square.

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You can spend a week bar hopping in Helsinki and still find more to drink. Below is just a sampling of hot spots to hit around the city. And the best part? Helsinki is so small that walking everywhere means you don’t have to worry about driving.

Savoy terrace

A rooftop terrace with old school charm with exclusive service.

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Liberty or Death

Cocktails with a big soul and ecological values served with a personal touch.

Visit: Erottajankatu 5, 00130 Helsinki


Helsinki summer oasis with white sand, yachts, sun and drinks. Come for lunch, yoga, a gig or a party.

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Trillby & Chadwick

A very well hidden speakeasy where cameras are not allowed. No address, no signs, no nothing. Have a peak on Katariinankatu and look for a black door, you might just find the best drinks you’ve ever had.

Visit: Katariinankatu, 00170 Helsinki